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Five Point Five

After blogging about The 5.5 and 99 Club and the seeming inability of my meter to display a blissful 5.5mmol/L, it did just that. Apparently, all it needed was to be called out on the issue. The next check I … Continue reading

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I’m embarrassed to admit it but, until a few months ago, I was not monitoring my blood sugar properly.  I’m not talking about the physical act of poking my finger and placing blood on a test strip — that I … Continue reading

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My Favourite Number? Less Than or Equal to Seven.

Yesterday, something happened that has never happened before.  Yesterday, something happened that made me smile.  Yesterday, I had an appointment with my endocrinologist and, yesterday, I was greeted at his office door with a high five and an exclamation of, … Continue reading

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That Lovely (and Sometimes Illusive) Window of Control or: How to Pass the Time When Your Sugar’s on the Fritz

9 o’clock pm.  My sugar’s 6.1mmol/L and, having eaten supper about three hours ago, I’m feeling pretty good.  Not too low and not too high but right in that lovely (and sometimes illusive) window of control – that window known … Continue reading

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