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Animas and Dexcom Sittin’ in a Tree

Today, the diabetes online community has been buzzing with the announcement of a very exciting development. Animas and Dexcom have officially gotten married. European CE mark approval was announced this morning (you can find the press release here), and this … Continue reading

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Is That a Pump in Your Pocket…Or a VW Beetle?

Shortly after writing about my colourful diabetes life, I saw a VW Beetle parked at the side of the road. While at first glance, it may appear that these two events have nothing in common, upon closer inspection they are, … Continue reading

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Pumped to Pump!

Last week, I met with a sales rep from Animas Canada which served to confirm that I am pumped to pump!  Today, I met with my endocrinologist.  And now, things should move along quickly! I’ve been looking through the book, … Continue reading

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