That Lovely (and Sometimes Illusive) Window of Control or: How to Pass the Time When Your Sugar’s on the Fritz

9 o’clock pm.  My sugar’s 6.1mmol/L and, having eaten supper about three hours ago, I’m feeling pretty good.  Not too low and not too high but right in that lovely (and sometimes illusive) window of control – that window known as “in range.”  Feeling good and not knowing what to do with the evening, I suggest to Daniel that we embark on a mission to spend some of his recent birthday money on our not-so-recent Catan obsession; brick, ore, lumber, sheep and wheat…oh how we love to settle Catan.  With Daniel driving, I absentmindedly scratch the skin around the gauzy sticker of my infusion set.  “My site’s really itchy tonight” I idly mention, more to make conversation (I’m a winning conversationalist) than out of any sort of concern…

We arrive at our destination, peruse the vast array of Klaus Teuber’s ingenuity and decide upon Catan Dice…portable, inexpensive, fun and playable with only two participants!  An all-around winner.

catan dice

Two hours pass.  Slightly cranky and mildly thirsty, I do a blood test and am startled to see my sugar at 14.2mmol/L.  Of course, I immediately remember the itchiness.

“I don’t think my site’s working.” I unenthusiastically proclaim.

“What?  Why?”

“My sugar’s been climbing at a fairly good pace for the last couple hours…This might be a long night.  I want to make sure my site’s working before I go to bed.”

Daniel, ever-supportive in times diabetes duress, happily reminded me, “At least we have two-player Catan to pass the time!”

I smile and decide to give my infusion site the benefit of the doubt, bolusing to correct for the high.  One hour (and three games of Catan Dice) later my sugar’s at 16.3mmol/L.  And so, at midnight, bleary-eyed and pajamaed, I filled a new reservoir with insulin, rewound and primed my pump, cocked my Inset II and inserted a new infusion set on the other side of my abdomen.  I bolused again and settled in for some more waiting.

“You up for another round?” I asked, shaking the dice in my hands.  “I want to wait at least an hour to make sure this one’s gonna work.”

And boy, did it work.  After heading to bed at 1am with a sugar of 10.9, I woke, three hours later, to an aggressive low that kept me up, testing and eating, for almost an hour.  No Catan Dice to fill in the waiting this time.  Just juice *poke* toast and peanut butter *poke* more juice *poke*.

* * * * *

With five hours of sleep under my belt (and two nice bags under my eyes), my morning sugar is, once again, around the 14mmol/L mark.  But, with my infusion site working and with my ever-supportive husband by my side (and with Catan Dice to pass the time if necessary), I’m ready to battle my blood glucose back into submission, back into that lovely and sometimes illusive (I know from experience) window of control – that window known as “in range.”

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4 Responses to That Lovely (and Sometimes Illusive) Window of Control or: How to Pass the Time When Your Sugar’s on the Fritz

  1. Sorry to hear that you had to deal with some of the extreme ups and downs diabetes deals us, but it was touching that you had some company to help watch the clock tick. :-)

  2. AmyT says:

    Wow – you are diligent! I probably would have just gone to bed & dealt with the site change in the morning. I’m imprssed!

  3. Alex says:

    Oh man… instead of commenting on the ups and downs of highs and lows (sorry to hear it happened, nonetheless) I feel like I need to tell you about my mutual (but much more hidden) passion for settling Catan.

    Frig, that game is dorky but it is soooo addictive. I first started my knowledge of the game by making fun of my co-workers who used to play it constantly when we were all chained to our respective rez buildings when working as RAs/Dons/CAs/whatever they call it at Guelph.

    I used to poke fun at them a lot, but was always somewhat intrigued to play. Two years later I moved in with one of my friend’s who I used to work with in rez and she owned all of the versions (Original, Cities and Knights and Seafarers) AND all of the expansion packs for the three versions (apparently its a lot cheaper if you buy all of the versions and expansions at once on ebay, but you have to be prettttty serious about spending that kind of money on a terribly dorky boardgame). Any ways, needless to say, I have since become well-versed in the probabilities of rolling various dice combinations and ‘living on the edge’ by often holding more than seven resources at any given time… namely because I’m still not very good at the game and don’t know WHAT I should be doing with my resources to make it worth my while. My secret is that I tend to go for Longest Road as often as possible, but the thing is that I often don’t win, either, so I guess its not necessarily the best strategy… haha. My friends that play all have waaaaaaaaaay more experience than I do, mind you…

    The next time our paths cross we’ll have to try this dice game… I definitely am curious… uhhh, I mean “I’ve never played Catan, what could you possibly be talking about?!”… haha…

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