Berry Pickin’ Time

Living with diabetes and celiac, I spend a lot of time considering what I eat.  I am grateful for all the health and specialty food stores in Victoria that allow me to stock my pantry with items such as sugar-free jam, gluten-free granola bars, sugar-free syrup and gluten-free pasta.  These products add some much needed variety to my diet and I am definitely appreciative.  However, no matter how much I adore my frozen, buckwheat waffles, gluten-free chocolate cake mix and real-fruit, no-sugar-added popsicles, it is fresh fruits and veggies (the more local the better!) that really get me excited.

In the fall, I become obsessed with apples and squashes from local farm markets.  The colours, the smells, the crazy squash shapes…I just can’t get enough.  With summer arriving, lately I have been excited about tomatoes and carrots and peas and cherries and…(wait for it)…strawberries.  Yes, the local strawberries are ready for eatin’ and they are most definitely worthy of a little extra insulin in the middle of the afternoon.  Mmm, strawberries…I can’t imagine a better June treat.


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