Animas and Dexcom Sittin’ in a Tree

Today, the diabetes online community has been buzzing with the announcement of a very exciting development. Animas and Dexcom have officially gotten married. European CE mark approval was announced this morning (you can find the press release here), and this photo has had me distracted all day.

I want one. I really, really want one.

This is the Animas Vibe. There’s no word yet on when this sexy piece of diabetes technology will be approved in Canada, but I really (really, really) hope it’s soon. Kerri Sparling, at SixUntilMe, was told by Animas’ Director of Global Communications that the company plans to file with both the FDA and Health Canada in 2011.

So, here’s to a speedy approval process. Can I have one, Health Canada? Pleeease? Pretty pleeease?

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One Response to Animas and Dexcom Sittin’ in a Tree

  1. Pearlsa says:

    Yes, please Health Canada, can have a speedy approval. At least to give us options in Canada.