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Animas and Dexcom Sittin’ in a Tree

Today, the diabetes online community has been buzzing with the announcement of a very exciting development. Animas and Dexcom have officially gotten married. European CE mark approval was announced this morning (you can find the press release here), and this … Continue reading

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Smash. Crack. Dex.

I went to the store. I bought a big bottle of Organic Wheat Free Reduced Sodium Tamari Soy Sauce (try saying that ten times fast!).  When I got home, I put the big bottle of soy sauce in the fridge … Continue reading

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I’ll Do the Math

Remember back in the fall when Scott K. Johnson and George Simmons created “Lunch with George & Scott” for TuDiabetes’s Making Sense of Diabetes video contest?  (If you don’t remember, I suggest you follow the link above and take 1 … Continue reading

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H1N1: Easier Said Than Done.

Editor’s Note: My childhood endocrinologist once told my mother and I that he had never believed in the flu shot until he’d contracted the flu the year previously.  This bit of doctorly insight, coupled with the fact that individuals with … Continue reading

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