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And isn’t it ironic…

…dontcha think? Today I treated myself to this delightful magnet, which is now hanging proudly on my refrigerator. When you have diabetes this magnet reaches a new level of funny. Diabetics always say it with carbohydrates, yo.

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Animas and Dexcom Sittin’ in a Tree

Today, the diabetes online community has been buzzing with the announcement of a very exciting development. Animas and Dexcom have officially gotten married. European CE mark approval was announced this morning (you can find the press release here), and this … Continue reading

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Five Point Five

After blogging about The 5.5 and 99 Club and the seeming inability of my meter to display a blissful 5.5mmol/L, it did just that. Apparently, all it needed was to be called out on the issue. The next check I … Continue reading

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News Reel

Exciting things are happening in the wide world of diabetes! From celebrating our blood glucose victories, to raising money for JDRF, to sharing our knowledge through social media, we are one inspired, inspiring, and active bunch. The following items were … Continue reading

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